Changes in the rules for querying the property valuation

The procedure and conditions for challenging the cadastral value in Russia were amended and supplemented. Changes relating to the conduct of individualities and legal realities came into force along with the new Federal Laws Property valuation.
You do not have to go through commissions presently! There are positive aspects in these adaptations, and they relate to legal realities, which now don’t have to misbehave with thepre-trial procedure and suffer a commission at Rosreestr. preliminarily, it was necessary to go through the agreement of the disagreement in the commission, but if the complainant passed this stage, the judicial authority rejected his operation.
It says that the complainant has the right to challenge in court or in the commission. Since the aspirant was frequently refused a review of the cost during the obligatorypre-trial procedure, the new law will allow achieving positive results in a shorter time. You can read about the significance of grueling , as well as the difficulties that taxpayers have faced in the history, in this composition.
property valuation
Is an independent property valuation questionable?
also, these institutions won’t only calculate the CV, but also organize request data and give explanations for crimes in the cadastral value report.
Correction of crimes in the computation of the CA will take place in the same popular associations during the period while the CA is at the blessing stage. The results of determining the cost of the cadastre will be posted electronically on the sanctioned website of the institution. These documents are intermediate, and in the future they will be submitted to Rosreestr for verification. In the last body, the report will be examined within 10 working days. All inconsistencies with the conditions and norms of state assessment will be excluded there, after which the data from the reporting documents will be transferred to the website of the popular institution, where they will stay for 2 months. This period is allocated so that the aspirant can completely familiarize himself with the report, organize and submit commentary.
still, the institution will correct them, for which a period of 60 timetable days is also given, If crimes are verified. You can challenge the results of corrections of inaccuracies in court.
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